To lead the way for promoting individualism by offering a variety of designed accessories and other artistic designs at revolutionary prices.

This fashion accessory brand launched in April 2019 and since then has gained great traction across Nigeria. Inspired by our ever-changing global community in search for individual purpose and style, SHUSHI embraces a fundamental realisation of self-worth and freedom to simply existence, to BE.  

 SHUSHI was founded by Aisha Sambo with a rebellious spirit and one lofty objective: To be the ultimate home of art, design and accessories, defining style and creating authenticity that celebrates YOU, now and forever. 

"It is amazing how simply acknowledging the truth of who you are and what you want can motivate and inspire you toward creative ideas and forward moving action towards finding your passion. As an African, I believe we spend most of of our lives consuming. Consuming too much and not creating enough for ourselves and the world. We consume so much media and art created by everyone else but ourselves, more young people should identify and be inspired to express their own life and assert their style and existence. Millennials are so multifaceted and complex yet so brave, and SHUSHI speaks to all of our intricacies. Somedays I want to wear a scarf over my head, some days I feel like throwing on a pair of jeans, and most days I feel like both....so it was important for me to design and create designs versatile enough to embrace and celebrate all of US and our complexities." 

- Aisha Sambo, Creative Director

The culture of the brand will always come up with innovative ways to celebrate YOU no matter how you look, how you dress, how you live or where you live.

SHUSHI represents self-reflection, extraordinary talent and creativity, an
affirmation for confidence and fearlessness. The brand is both inclusive and exclusive, giving our customers a range of price options for purchase, our pricing are just as revolutionary as our products.