Sugar Mummy Dudu was designed to make a bold fashion statement while offering eye protection. With sleek and compact frames, this unisex-coloured eyewear is fragile however, made with premium textures: steel metallic frames and UV-protected lenses. An intriguing piece of colored fabric is delicately placed on one side of the lens. Own it!

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This Limited Edition collection showcases elegant versatility, as it journeys through different eras and different cities, while seamlessly adapting to traditional yet timeless attires and effortless styles. This tiny silhouette is available in five colors named after the names of their colors in Yoruba & Hausa.

Unlike the commonly used expressions of the term, this collection redefines “SUGAR MUMMY” as the essence and bridge between masculine and feminine energy. We envision the owner of this limited edition piece as an independent individual, finding the balance while still being celebrated in their community as someone with a strong sense of self. It’s time to burst out of your bubble to create opportunities for a lifetime.